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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

HINGE WITH EXTENSION works the CORE - private lesson on CADILLAC.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

  • Flatten your ABS!
  • Improve your self-image
  • Improve coordination, flexibility, range of motion & posture
  • Look & feel FIT!
  • Balance & strengthen muscles that support the spine and joints
  • Develop CORE strength & assist with balance & stability
  • Reduce stress & back pain
  • Increase energy, endurance & muscle tone
  • Develop a mind/body/spirit connection

What is your CORE?

CORE includes ABS, gluts, hamstrings, pelvis, back and LATS

What exactly is Pilates?

  • Series of exercises that develops the muscles that stabilize, align, and move the CORE of the body
  • Gentle on the joints - eliminates “Pounding” on the knees, spine and hips
  • Instructor cues breathing and movement and ensures proper postural alignment and motion
  • Can be done on MAT or on equipment such as REFORMER or  CADILLAC
  • Repertoire includes Essential, Intermediate and Advanced 
  • Small equipment: toning balls, resistance circle, & stretch bands used to assist in recruiting muscles, or to challenge the client
  • Originally invented by Joseph Pilates to help WW1 POW’s regain strength and mobility
  • Similar to Flow Yoga  with emphasis on breathing and elongating muscles.  More fluid and faster-paced than some forms of Yoga. Both develop “mind-body-spirit".

Think you can't do it?

Every exercise program is not suitable for every person.  But in general, regardless of your age, weight, shape or level of fitness,


  • As with any exercise routine, a doctor should be consulted before undertaking it.
  • Modifications can be made to accommodate physical limitations  or to provide more challenge.
  • Initially, preparatory movements (“Preps”)  are practiced in order to achieve the final "full" exercise.