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Plymouth Canton Pilates

Pilates Private Classes in Canton Group Classes in Plymouth and Canton

Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit

Side split exercise is performed on the Pilates Reformer during a Private Session
Pilates exercise Side Lift on the Cadillac

About Plymouth Canton Pilates

  • Bernadette Glowski - owner 
  • Personal training on CADILLAC & REFORMER in my home in Canton
  • SMALL GROUP MAT Plymouth or Canton in your home, business, school, church
  • Group MAT Plymouth Parks & Rec 

Stott® certified in MAT and REFORMER Also Stott® trained in CADILLAC

My Qualifications

  •  STOTT® certified Pilates: MAT (2008), REFORMER (2010)
  • STOTT®-trained: CADILLAC (2012)
  • STOTT®-trained: Injuries and Special Populations
  • Specialist Post-Rehabilitation
  •  Experience: Plymouth & Northville Parks & Rec, Schoolcraft College,  Club Pilates, Fit Zone, Dance studios, schools, churches 
  • Attends workshops annually

What We Do


Exercises on Pilates Reformer & Cadillac Equipment

  • 1-ON-1 Personal training 
  • Program designed around your needs and goals
  • Learn the basics  more quickly
  • Instructor's undivided attention
  • Assured you have the proper form to get the best results
  • Effective Post-Rehab exercises determined 

Contact Us

The Pilates "100" Exercise on the Reformer during a Private class

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

GROUP MAT CLASSES - your premises or at Plymouth Parks & Rec

Side Bend in Group Class in Plymouth Canton area

  • For Groups of 4 or more people
  • Build connections and get encouragement and support.
  • Conducted in your home, school, church or business
  • Conducted at Plymouth Parks & Rec